Wil·der (ˈwildər/) To lose one's way; lead or drive astray.


Be part of the story!

Wilder is my first completed Self Published Comic book series!

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 Follow Wilder & Bailey as they travel back & forth between worlds & drink Slushies!

Wilder is about an adventurous girl, Bailey, and her recently deceased brother (Wilder), who is now a ghost. They can travel back and forth between Earth & the "Otherworld", a pleasantly dark version of an uninhabited planet. They are soon confronted by Dieties to stop, as it will destroy their bodies and the "Otherworld". Faced with this knowledge, they must make the difficult decision to say their final goodbyes, or ignore the warnings altogether.

The series features vibrant watercolor interiors juxtaposed with heavy black brush linework. All 4 comics are printed extremely high quality, 100lb covers, 80lb coated gloss interiors. Wilder was completely written, illustrated, colored & published by Vic Hollins!

A Look into issue #1:

A Look into issue #2:

A Look into Issue #3:

A look into Issue #4: